About us

We believe there is a better way to deliver health. At Kalibra Health, we are designing a genuinely patient-centric experience using the latest data and technology available to enable people to live a more healthful life.

Our principles

Our comprehensive assessment is built on 2 core principles:

  • Health evaluations should be as integrated as our overall health is. Assessing one aspect in isolation will never tell the full story. We connect the dots for you.
  • Evaluation is one half of the equation. It only becomes useful when paired with next steps and specific behaviours. We give you insight with action.

The Kalibra Health Experience

Our multi-step evaluation takes place in our dedicated centre with experts in each field. Depending on your chosen level, it will comprise of assessments across:

Bloodwork: gives us a true inside view of your body and how effectively it is functioning.

Body: 3D body scans reveals insights about your body measurements, shape, and composition.

Kinetic: A measure of your current fitness status and performance including mobility, nutrition, endurance, strength, and vitals

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